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An average price of 4.6 and a strike rate of 80%+ on my Level Stakes and Trade & Hedge systems together with my new High Lays selections is why people are beginning to really take notice of my low cost lay service.

No HYPE just good quality tips at decent prices that will not have you BITING your nails every time you place a bet!!!

From the Betting Desk of John Grainger:

I have been involved in supplementing my income from racing for over 48 years. During that time I have bought, studied and devised systems for making money from the sport and successfully run and organized schemes that have made myself and my associates an exciting and lucrative income. 

Nine years ago I retired from the daily grind to invest my time and money into gambling.

Hey Up,John
I hope you are very proud of yourself you really should be with these results,I am so pleased to have found your service, this is just to say thankyou for all of your prompt replies and the excellent service.

Many Thanks,

I remember the look of shame on my mothers face when she heard I was leaving my comfortable 9-5 job to enter my new profession. What she did not realise was that gambling was providing me with consistent profits and a return on investment that is literally hundreds of times greater than anything available on the stock market. Although I have been successful for a number of reasons, I am ever grateful to the platform that is provided by betting exchanges such as They allow anyone to trade prices, bet in play and, more importantly, back a horse to lose.

Around 2/3 of favourites lose. And if you spot them at the right odds you can make a killing. You almost become the bookmaker and have the opportunity of making immense returns. The only difference is that you do not have to accept every bet - you can be selective.

I remember telling people about lay betting when I was just getting to grips with how it worked. A few of my eager workmates decided to go away and back favourites to lose - but they ended up losing. I had a look at what they were laying and I was hardly surprised.

What people have to realise is that lay betting is profitable for those who choose their bets wisely. You have to understand the sport, but you also have to understand the processes of the bookmakers. More often than not I make selections that start the day as favourites and end up middle of the field at the off.

Remember, not only will you be able to reap the benefit of my unique selection process and the fact that only around a third of all favourites win, no matter what the price, but by also providing you with an early opportunity to lay, I make sure you get FULL value for money and MAXIMUM SECURITY on your investment.

Key elements of making any racing investment are patience and persistence. I always advise investors to hold their own betting bank for each system they use and start at the lowest level possible; in Betfairs case £2. If you are betting in level stakes then a bank of £25 will suffice. If you are trying to make a serious living out of the lays then I advise you to return your daily profits back into your betting bank until the bank has doubled. You can then assess your rate of progress and increase your stake in proportion.

Hi John
Many thanks for the info .
The luv2lose  service is as good as one could wish for and your personal communication second to none. I am immensely grateful for the notes/advice you have been good enough to email to me and in fact I feel somewhat privileged to be a party to this advice.

Investors can easily run scared when they see a liability on their selection more than double their stake, but at an average of £4.26 liability for their £2 it is less painful than whacking £50 on your first selection to see £106.50 turning red on the rest of the field. The High Lays system has greater liability but has greater frequency of bets.

I decided to start this system with a £2 stake and increased it in £1 increments until I reached £50, a figure I currently invest in my lays. I use my selections based on my parameters with The Grey Horse Bot, a revolutionary new automated software system that will place the lays for you and stop when you have won enough or when you exceed your loss limit. You do not even have to be there. Out at work or even in bed, the Grey Horse Bot deals with your investments and maximizes your income. That was from laying in level stakes, but if you decide to adopt a rolling on staking plan by moving on the liability from the first losing investment to the second, that £602.50 would have been £800.00.

I am offering you this AMAZING opportunity to do EXACTLY THE SAME.

For a monthly fee, I will send daily tips to your email inbox. You log-in to your email, go lay the bets and effortlessly collect your earnings. UNLIKE some tipping systems, I give exact tips to your inbox telling you what to lay - you get on the exchanges and start earning money instantly.

The bets I advise you to place are the bets that I am placing myself. The bets that put petrol in my car and make my bank balance steadily increase month after month. I will act as your consultant for a small monthly fee. You just copy what I do, contribute towards the five hours I spend every day and everyone is a winner - except for the oblivious Punter.

Your first months selections only £9.99
click here to start your membership

I only started laying horses this year and have nearly doubled my bank.

You are the only tipster I use now and do like the service so keep up the good results. Cheers Kev

from Kevin Price

I get hundreds of emails every month from people telling me that they want to try the service but do not want to pay until they can be sure they will make money. This is understandable and the reason why I am making the following offer: for the first month I will give you tips for £9.99. For this fee I am providing you with a months worth of tips that will almost certainly make you money. If they do not then you simply do not pay me again and we stop working together.

BUT, if you are like everyone else then once you are a member you will soon realise that you make a lot more than £9.99 a week and certainly more than £9.99 a month. That is why in the second month I charge £14.99 and then £19.99 after that. For this to be profitable for me, it has to be profitable for my customers.

Click Here to join now and take advantage of this limited trial offer.

So for less than 50p a day during the trial period you can have these tips delivered directly to your inbox or pick them up in the members area.


P.S. Dont spend the rest of your life being one of the mugs that feeds the bookmakers bank account. JUMP THE FENCE and YOU take the punters money in place of the bookmaker.

GRAZIE John for a excellent service.

I am very happy to have found luv2lose. It is the best service that I have been subscribed to (and I have tried many). Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Regards Adriano, Stockholm, Sweden.

P.P.S. My commitment to you is to send you daily around 5-7am GMT by email the selections for the following days racing, as long as the information I need is available by then.

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